We build great AI, Cloud and Digital solutions with modern cutting edge technologies

Chat Bots

Text and voice chatbots for Facebook, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant


iOS and Android app development for smartphones and tablets


Fully responsive web development leveraging the latest cloud technologies

Strategy & Planning

Whether you are in the intial customer development stage or are ready for the software development, we can help you strategize and identify KPIs/OKRs required for the success.

Product and Project Management

Whether you are using an Agile methodlogy such as Scrum or you are a waterfall organization we can help you plan your product roadmap, features defintion/user stores and project/sprint delivery plan.

Software Development, Testing & Support

We can do full stack, front end UI/UX, middleware and backend development by leveraging the latest cloud technologies from Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. We can also provide DevOps/Support for your continuous integration needs.

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